WHAT INSPIRES US DURING THE CREATIVE PROCESS?   Moments of beauty, love, compassion, the sea, the earth, humanity, poetry and music. TODAY, we wish to inspire YOU. So please allow us to share a few of our SIREN SONGS. These are not just songs by women but by anyone whose sonic gifts inspire us to think, feel and act with intention and compassion towards the world around us. Enjoy these 15 meaningful Siren Songs carefully curated by SIRENA, our resident MUSE. 

  • Nada Particular                             Miguel Bose [Spain]

  • Crazy Maze                                    Des’ree [England]

  • Attimo di Pace                              Eros Ramazotti [Italy]

  • Daphne                                          Mahotella Queens [South Africa]

  • La Ronda                                       Marta Gomez [Colombia]

  • Can We Change the World?       Maysa Leak [USA]

  • Burundanga                                 Celia Cruz [Cuba]

  • Color Esperanza                          Diego Torres  [Argentina]

  • Amazing                                        One Eskimo [England]

  • Y Quisiera                                     Ella Baila Sola [Spain]

  • Shape of My Heart                      Sting [England]

  • Sinuoso Tropico                           Jacqueline Fuentes [Chile]

  • Braided Hair                                 Neneh Cherry + Speech [Sweden/ USA]

  • Love Warriors                               Tuck + Patti [USA]

  • Send Your Love                            Sting [England]