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Our story began by the sea on Sanibel Island in the year 2000.


Inspired by the ocean's depths, mysteries, and myths, we founded Siren Studios, a creative media studio in Miami to produce our own initiatives as well as to work with private sector and non-profit clients on the production of communication arts, marketing, and advocacy media.


In 2015, Siren resurfaced in New Orleans as Siren Films to continue to produce our own film initiatives as well as commissions.


And due to the demand from new markets and directions, Siren Films is now a division of its umbrella company, Siren Creative Media.


In addition to our cinematic works at Siren Films, at Siren Creative Media, we work with much valued private sector and non-profit clients to produce engaging marketing and communications resources that get their good works, concepts, products, services, and ideas noticed.    We work to produce results!


Using our creative media marketing expertise, we are also now working with writers on book editing, publishing, and marketing. 

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